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British education in the context of the Covid pandemic. Is there a light in the tunnel?

Universities in the United Kingdom were quick to adapt to the Covid pandemic. They continue to provide world-class training while ensuring that the health and safety of students remain a top priority. If you are in the country and you are considering how good an idea it is to continue your education right now, then with today's article we hope to dispel all hesitations and doubts: Do it!

Campaigns and prevention tools - quick update

All colleges and universities in England have implemented serious prevention measures and offer a range of services for the benefit of Covid learners. International students have the opportunity to take advantage of pick-up options from the airport. Those with a full vaccination cycle are exempted from the obligation to take a negative test. While in many of the institutions the classes were conducted entirely online when the nature of the studied specialties allows it, now an increasing percentage of the lectures are present. There are still 24/7 active telephone lines available for students as well as free counseling and mental health support services.

Which vaccines are on the list of approved in the UK

The already adopted requirements to wear protective masks both in the corridors and in other common areas in universities and colleges continue to be met. It is recommended to wear masks during practical exercises, in laboratories, libraries, teaching offices, classrooms, and lecture halls. More and more institutions are encouraging their students to get vaccinated, including with the extra booster dose, to enjoy more freedom and peace of mind.

You can find out about the vaccination process on local websites of general practitioners, public pharmacies, hospitals, and vaccination centers. In general, the list of vaccines approved in England is as follows:

  • Covaxin

  • Moderna

  • Janssen (single-dose vaccine)

  • Novavax (Nuvaxovid and Covovax)

  • Oxford/AstraZeneca

  • Pfizer BioNTech

  • Sinopharm Beijing

  • Sinovac-CoronaVac

The case of personal responsibility - be reasonable and disciplined

Whether you're at university, college, or public transportation follow the basic safety guidelines in a Covid environment. Wash your hands often, wear a face mask and avoid crowded places. Maintain the recommended distance of 2 meters and pause your active social life - cultural events and concerts, nightclubs and parties - all these can wait. No matter where you are at all times you are personally responsible for protecting your health and that of your loved ones.

Don't underestimate your mental health

About 34% of students say their mental health has deteriorated as a result of the pandemic. Restrictions, isolation, stress, anxiety, and lack of social contacts are favorable conditions for this. But how to counteract them? Be physically active, exercise, communicate your problems, seek help and get a good rest. And in more serious problem situations you can always seek help from organizations such as Samaritans or others with similar activities.

To date, there has been growing optimism in the UK over the removal of a number of restrictions imposed at an earlier stage of the pandemic. Comfort and tranquility return with gradual but confident steps in lecture halls and campuses. That's why we at Evolution AtoZ Ltd. urge you: Act boldly and in case you have residency status, apply immediately for funded education!


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