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 UONL (University of Northampton London)

The university offers a variety of courses and different levels of education as well as opportunities to start working in the sector.

Opportunities to start working after graduation are very real for almost all courses.

UONL, in partnership with the University of Northampton (UON) has built a global reputation as a leader in social innovation to ensure that its alumni stand out from the crowd and are highly competitive at the Job market.

Dedicated teachers strive to turn each of their students into a digitally literate, highly qualified citizen of the future with remarkable personal and professional qualities.

UONL is committed to developing fully qualified staff who will not only receive a degree but also will develop the skills and qualities they need to pursue their chosen career in the UK.

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Experience as a valuable part of their development is extremely important for students. Therefore, the curriculum provides practical training and time spent in a business environment to complete the practical educational element of the skills and to ensure personal development of students.

Student life in such an intellectual environment will not only expand your knowledge but will help you build social skills, confidence and contacts which will help you throughout your professional and personal life.


Admission is during the months: January, May and September.

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BA (Hons) Business

BA (Hons) Business (Healthcare)

BA (Hons) Business (HRM)

BA (Hons) Business (Law)

BA (Hons) Business (Marketing)

BA (Hons) Health with Social Care

Man Signing

East India – 6th Floor,

Import Building, 2 Clove Crescent,


E14 2BE

UONL (University of Northampton London) 3.jpg

Admission requirements

  • English language test

  • Interview

* English language proficiency certificate is not required.

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