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10 tips for first-year students in English colleges and universities

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

The first year at a college or university in England will certainly be filled with a number of challenges. But don't be afraid! They are here to help you build your character, your ability to adapt and fit into the academic environment and win your rightful place in this mini society. To this end, we have prepared some valuable tips for you to follow in the initial year (and not only) of your education in the UK.

Attend all lectures and seminars

The impeccable reputation of universities and colleges in the UK is due to many factors, the main ones being quality teaching and the active implementation of the latest scientific innovations in the teaching process. The course is considered a fundamental quality of a successful student. Therefore, teachers insist on regular attendance at seminars, lectures and practical classes. Don't miss them! Even the most boring of them will be extremely useful for you to fully comprehend and assimilate the study material.

Take enough time for self-preparation

At the beginning of each course you will probably be given a list of required literature. Try to find and review all the listed materials; look for them in the library or online. Keep in mind that some of the stricter teachers would not even let you into a seminar if you did not prepare in advance. And you yourself will not feel comfortable if you have not "written your homework" and you cannot discuss those topics, right?

Plan your budget well

Life in the Kingdom requires solid financial resources and education is no exception. When the first generous amount of government funding, amounting to almost £ 16,000, goes into your bank account, celebrate it appropriately. BUT! Do not indulge in unnecessary extravagance. Semester fees, transport and communication costs, study materials and supplies - all these are part of your reality as a student in England. Therefore, we advise you to start improving your budgeting skills from the first year at college.

Build a relationship with your teachers

Ask about the reception hours of the teachers and ask for their contacts - email or phone, or boldly communicate your questions after the lesson. If you encounter difficulties or need help, do not hesitate to seek support from them. Particularly characteristic of lecturers in British universities and colleges is their desire to purposefully build the conditions for active communication with each student. Take advantage of that!

Don't be afraid to ask questions

The questions will help to dispel ambiguities in the study material. The first year at a college or university in England is stressful and will put you to the test. Do not give up if you have difficulties! Boldly discuss every problematic moment of the curriculum with your lecturer. Ask for thematic literature that would be useful to you. Participate in additional seminars, discussions, practical exercises, and any activities that would enrich your knowledge and skills.

Try to stand out from the rest

Higher education obtained at a renowned university in England requires not only a serious attitude to the learning process. You need to stand out with an original approach and your own point of view. When writing an essay or preparing a course project, do not use only the recommended literature. Dig deeper into the research, include more sources: archives, online journals, research, etc. This additional effort, combined with a clear personal position on the topic, will raise you many levels above your colleagues.

Do not ignore quality sleep and good food

The amount and quality of sleep have a significant impact on the ability to absorb new information and remember it. This statement is based on the results of a number of psychological and behavioral studies. There are many temptations for a student in England. We, at Evolution AtoZ Ltd. however advise you not to forget what your main goal is, namely - to obtain a diploma of higher education from a reputable educational institution in the UK! This great victory of life requires serious effort. Therefore, eat well and get enough sleep and you will win it without any problems.

Do your own research

Explore opportunities for internships, do online surveys and quizzes, look for additional courses, trainings, practical classes that the university offers. Take time every day to research the jobs offered in your specialty. In this way you will be informed, you will fill in the "gaps" and you will focus on that part of your professional qualification which you should enrich and complete in order to be more competitive in the Labor market.

Filter your friends and choose your social environment carefully

The college and university, in a country like England, are where you will be exposed to a wide range of dating opportunities with students from all over the world. Be careful with the social contacts and relationships you create. Don't share more with your new friends than you would feel comfortable knowing about yourself. Assess soberly each new presence in your life and how useful it would be for you in your future academic journey. The people you surround yourself with are a marker for you as a person and for how you will realize yourself at a later stage.

Focus on your training. Entertainment can wait.

When you find yourself in academia, college, or university in England, the vortex of emotions and new experiences can distract you from your main goal. Don't let them - immature and irresponsible behavior will not take you far!

Prioritize properly, be organized, and give your best. Study constantly and methodically, do not procrastinate for tomorrow, and be a better version of yourself every day.

We, at Evolution AtoZ Ltd., will help you gain a higher education degree in the United Kingdom, win the most prosperous jobs and become the complete and dignified person you will be proud of tomorrow! Trust us!


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